PP/PVC Tanks

PP/PVC tanks for electroplating, pharmaceutical chemical storage, and allied processes chemically resistant containers are generally necessary for the solution employed. PP/PVC tanks have a wide range of applications in electroplating and other corrosive and strong solutions treatment in view of their inherent to corrosion and chemical attack, light weight as compared with metal and good electrical insulation properties, and high-temperature resistance -1 oC to 100 oC. The ideal size of PP/PVC tanks for electroplating solutions for the auto industry.

    L=10` x W=3.5` x H=5`

Any sizes can be manufactured as per customer requirements.

Steel (Welded Tanks)

Welded Steel Tanks suitable lined (if required) are used for the majority of electroplating, phosphating processes, oil, and water storage, but other types of containers may be used when operating conditions permit. The steel tank in its usual form consists of an open rectangular box with welded joints and an angle stiffener on the top edge. Steel tanks are used because there affordability, durability, compression strength, and long service life. Normally steel tanks are used in pre-treatment lines prior to electroplating. The ideal size of pre-treatment tanks prior to plating.

L=5` x W=3.5` x H=5`

Any sizes can be manufactured as per customer requirements.

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