I.G.B.T Rectifier

I.G.B.T rectifier means insulated Gate bipolar Transistor, It convert AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current). Electroplating and similar processes require a low voltage direct current (DC) electric supply, for small scale and experimental operation of electroplating and other electrolytic processes. It is often more convenient to use a three phase SCR & Oil cold transformer-rectifier unit.

I.G.B.T switched mode power supplies have many advantages over SCR & oil cold rectifiers therefor now being used more and more for electroplating processes to replace all types of old rectifiers. High conversion efficiency, power saving at least 15% then SCR & oil cold rectifiers for example 1000 Amp 12 volt plating rectifier, suppose 6300 hour running time one year, saving power 18613kwh then SCR rectifier.

Benefit of I.G.B.T Rectifier

  • Less floor space occupied
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Low AC current ripple below 5%
  • 20% shorter time needed for plating
  • Reduce current rating to save power

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