About Us

About us

Everbrite Chemicals Company Overview

Everbrite Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of electroplating Additives, distributor of intermediates and other fine chemicals.
We adopted the latest technology of electroplating Additives manufacturing to provide our customers with constant quality products.
Our Developed Additives Cost efficient because of their higher concentration, excellent Leveling, Brightness, and corrosion resistance properties.
We have a variety of electroplating chemicals and processes for Surface treatment, Nickel plating, decorative and hard chrome, Acid zinc& Cyanide zinc, conversion coatings, and phosphate, etc.
In addition to manufacturing various kinds of chemicals, we also provide facilities for the installation of fully automatic or semi-automatic plants on a turnkey basis as per the requirement of customers.
The company also offers free testing and troubleshooting service online and in-person through our technical team to our clients.
Our quick response helps to reduce rejection and production losses,
All the above factors make us trusted and reliable manufacturers in the industry. 

Our Vision& Objectives

Since the inception of our company Everbrite chemicals, we are committed to providing competitive pricing, quality, and after-sales services by following key fundamentals. 


We believe in continuous improvement of quality level after-sales services to ensure zero defects.
We have an experienced team that assists us to meet the sales targets &quality standards.
The team comprises electroplating technicians, lab chemists, R&D personnel, and marketing professionals. All of them have good experience in each section of electroplating.
The electroplating technician and chemist work in coordination with the quality analysts to ensure that the developed product is as per the International standards.
We arrange training of our team regular basis, to keep them updated on the latest developments in the electroplating industry.

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